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My story is about telling your story...

Joy Pic 1 BW 4.jpg's just that I use a lens instead of a pen. I agree words are powerful - I love words too! But curating a photograph is just so much fun!

Hi I'm Joy and I am a commercial and editorial photographer working with healthy lifestyle clients. I started this business in 2013 after years of working in marketing and sales. Before becoming a full time photographer I worked in product management, business development, and marketing communications. It was in my first job in public relations for a large corporation that I first started taking photos professionally. I even got to do some fun stuff like photographing an NBA basketball game courtside.

As my career evolved I decided to combine my marketing know how with my passion for photography and the business fell into place. I am based in New England, but also work with long distance clients remotely.


I work with businesses, marketing & design agencies, sole proprietors and magazines on their photography needs. I work as a team with my clients on every aspect of the photography process including: staging/stylizing, model selection, location scouting, lighting, photo capture, image processing, post production editing and web delivery.

I am always interested in hearing about the thoughts you have for your product, business or marketing plan. Let's sit down or video chat and discuss what is on your mind; what message you want to get out; and what makes you excited about where your business is heading. Let's come up with a strategy for capturing the photos you need and let's make it happen!

"Thank you for all of your amazing photos you took. They were fabulous and really show how special the day was. We tear up every time we look at them. It was a great day. "

- Molly, Alison & Jenn


My Mission - My Why

I am driven to help people and want people to live their best lives. I believe that people are at their happiest when they have good well-being. I believe that we have a responsibility to care – take care of ourselves, take care of our planet and to take care of each other.

I support those businesses that feel the same way I do. I team up with businesses that are adding goodness to this world with health, happiness and well-being.

I want to be part of something that adds beauty to our world and makes people feel joyful. I do this in part through photography.


My Purpose - My Values

My purpose is to help you successfully promote your brand through beautiful imagery. Being an entrepreneur I know how challenging it is to do it all and have that long list of things you should be doing. I feel good that I can take engaging photos of your brand so it has a positive impact on your success.

I believe my personal core values are reflected in my brand: integrity, honesty, trust, empathy and compassion. My business ethos is focused on professionalism, teamwork, respect, and care.

Joy the Photographer Spring Blooms.JPG

My favorite thing about photography is that it offers you the opportunity to continue to drink in a moment long after it's gone. You can come back and linger in the sentiment of that moment anytime you want. That is a luxury we are lucky to have in life.


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