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The Photo Shoot Process

Working together as a team to ensure a successful photo shoot

Each client is unique in who they are, what they need and what their budget is. What makes working with me on a custom shoot is that it is tailored to what you need. Stock images can be great in some circumstances, but if you want your brand to be authentic, then here is what goes into a photo shoot to make it a fun, rewarding and successful project.


Meet & Greet

I like to get to know your brand, the vision for your photography and how you define success for your project. I offer guidance on how to accomplish that vision and get your photography needs met. We talk about the important details like timelines, budgets, photography style and usage. Once I get a photography needs assessment and an understanding of the best way I can help I will prepare a concept that includes scope of work, shot list and an estimate of fees and timelines. I will send you a detailed proposal and contracts so we can get started.


Photo Shoot

This is the day I produce the images following the guidelines of the project and make your vision come to life. I shoot with professional Nikon equipment and capture images in their highest raw form. If I am on location with you, I can shoot tethered so you can see the images being captured in real time. I work as a team with any talent, stylists or project managers.



Once we have a direction and strategy that includes a shot list, the scope of work agreement, estimated fees and a timeline, I begin the behind the scenes job of sourcing props, surfaces, talent, environment and lighting needs. I will get what I need in place to meet your project requirements. I keep in contact with you regarding progress and questions about any curveballs that may come our way. At the same time you are getting in place anything that needs to be in place on your end.



After the shoot I generally cull and edit photos myself and make minor adjustment and crop edits. If preferred, I can send unprocessed low resolution thumbnails for you to select the images prior to my processing them. I use the latest version of Photoshop and my editing style is clean and natural looking. I encourage you to view my portfolio to determine if I am the best match for the kind of photography you are looking for.


Approval & Delivery

I deliver your final high resolution images via a file transfer site where you can download  your images. They will come with the agreed upon usage and licensing agreement. I get your final approval and your project is complete!

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"You don't take a picture with your camera, you take it with your heart"

Photography Services

If you have a need for food photography and think we may be a good fit, please contact me. I work with food/beverage brands, orchards, produce & flower farms, vineyards, restaurants, cafés, food trucks, bloggers and magazines.

If you need photography that depicts mindfulness, being in nature, fitness or natural beauty, I may be the right photographer for you. Please reach out if you are a health and wellness brand, blogger, magazine, fitness studio or fitness instructor. I would love to do a custom shoot with you.

If you run a New England spa or resort that needs custom photos showcasing the food or wellness area of your business, I would love to talk to you about your photography needs. I am also the photographer for you if you have a need for New England travel and tourism photography showcasing the outdoor beauty of your location.

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