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Spring Salads

With spring comes lighter eating! Make mixed greens your own by adding nourishing toppings to already vitamin rich greens.

Easy Make-It-Your-Own Spring Greens Salad


• 2 cups organic sweet baby lettuces

• 2 cups of organic baby spinach

• 1 cup shaved Brussels sprouts

• 1/2 of an English cucumber

• 1/2 of a large sweet onion

• 4 large strawberries

• 1/2 cup chopped walnuts

Toss greens together in a large bowl. Layer the cucumber, onion, strawberries and walnuts. Top with your favorite dressing. This salad pairs nicely with a Poppy Seed dressing.


Top with mandarin oranges or cantaloupe instead of strawberries. Sprinkle almonds, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts.

Health Benefits

Strawberries have high levels of anti-oxidants and provide Vitamin C. Depending on what greens you add to your salad, they too can provide you with Vitamin C as well as fiber, Vitamin K and phytochemicals such a Lutein. All of which can nourish you in a clean, healthy way. Of course as with anything you eat, consult your Nutritionist or Doctor if you are unsure what foods are best for you specifically.

I hope you do get to try some fresh salads as the Spring approaches!


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